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Headphone Earphone Difference

03:27, 9 January 2010 .. 0 commenti .. Link
I wrote this guide as a way to give people the information that gets asked time and time again in the forums.

And that question is “can a headphone earphone difference be worth buying new headphones for”?

My answer is yes; let me explain, based on the use of your mp3 or mp4 player e.g.

Listen to music or lectures etc as some devices have Dictaphones (mp3 – mp4).
Listen to or watch a training course (mp3 or mp4 to watch and listen).
Watch a film or program (mp4).
If you download low quality mp3, you don’t need good quality headphones, however if you are listening to good quality music or a lecture you recorded, you would want Sony noise canceling headphones as the chances are you would playback your audio files while traveling to and from your home on a bus or train or perhaps watch a movie on the beach with your mp4.

You find in these cases that if you cant hear your audio files properly, you miss the experience.

When I got my first mp4 player online, they came with free noise canceling headphones, up until then I had never tried a pair, now I would not go back to ordinary earphones.

Although the in ear  headphones were great, I wanted something a bit more compact, so that once they were in my pocket I could forget they were there, so I ended up buying a set of noise canceling earphones.

Honestly; if you are a music connoisseur – you defiantly need to get yourself noise canceling headphones, you will never go back.

For me a key feature was I use to have my mp4 player volume almost at full while on the bus trying to hear my music, however after using noise canceling earphones, I set the volume to about a quarter as I can hear my music files perfectly, this must be a benefit as you are not being defend by loud music.
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Headphone Earphone Difference

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